Soybeans - Why the Controversy?

by Sebastian Grubb


Why are Soybeans so controversial? They're just beans, right?

If you look at the research, soybeans (whole beans or minimally processed) *decrease* breast cancer and prostate cancer, while providing other health benefits. They are health-beneficial, not neutral, and not dangerous. So why all the bad press?

Blogs and hype aside, here is a reasonable look at the scientific research on soybeans by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, including info about phytoestrogens, "anti-nutrients", breast and prostate cancer, and alleged feminizing effects in men.

The shortest story: moderate whole soy food (tofu, tempeh, edamame) consumption protects against cancer and has no known drawbacks. Eating very large quantities, say 12 servings a day, can have feminizing effects in men and possibly other negative health effects. Highly processed soy-based 'foods', like isolated soy protein, are not associated with health benefits.

Here's the article with all the juicy details and references: