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Sebastian Grubb :: Fitness

2014 Champion of the "Battle of the Best Trainers"
2015/16 "Best Personal Trainer" in the SF Weekly
2015/16 "Best Of" on Thumbtack Professionals

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I'm a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach and I've been designing and leading fitness programs since 2006. I train outdoors near Dolores Park in San Francisco and in my clients' homes.

What is Functional Fitness?
Functional fitness training gets your best self moving. It's how athletes stay in top-notch shape. Using full-body exercises that train strength, agility, balance and coordination, you get a broad spectrum of benefits from every session. Read more.

What's It Like to Train with Sebastian?
My outdoor workouts are engaging, dynamic and lots of fun. You will tackle a variety of exercises that train your whole body in different ways and make you fitter and fitter over time. If you train multiple days a week, each day will feature a unique workout.

Working out with me you will notice increased energy and confidence, reduced bodyfat, increased muscle tone, greatly improved cardiovascular fitness, and a body that is more balanced, capable and athletic.

How Do I Start?
Some clients can jump right into my private, small group training sessions (2-6 people). Others are better off starting with 1:1 workouts to introduce their bodies and minds to an expanded fitness vocabulary. Contact me to learn more.

photo by David Papas

Limited-Time Discount for New Clients!

I'm offering a limited-time, 20% discount on your first session with me!
This offer is good through 2/28/2017.

Sebastian Grubb 

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Why You Should Do Strength Training

Sebastian doing a jumping push-up from a medicine ball

Strength training can help you lead a vibrant, physically expressive life. It also provides many health benefits and helps fight the negative effects of aging.

There is a myth that strength training is for men and cardio is for women. Or that upper body strength training is for men and lower body strength training is for women. These are based on sexist stereotypes and not health, and certainly not athleticism. If what you want is to be a capable, resilient organism, with a healthy, balanced body, you need to train your whole body in a variety of ways.

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My Training Style and Philosophy (Interview by Anabolic.co)

Sebastian jumping against a blue sky

I was just interviewed about my training style and philosophy by anabolic.co, which may seem ironic if you're familiar with my work or know me well. I don't recommend many supplements for health/performance, but do check out the interview. My perspective on fitness and health in general has changed in recent years, and I think in a good way. Check it out.

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